Lively VIVK, WLSI alive and well, REVO in reverse

Posted on Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Vivakor Inc (OTCBB: VIVK) was among the stars of the micro-cap set Thursday, tacking on 185.7 percent in price to a penny. The stock dealt in 98.8 million shares, in contrast with a usual daily volume of 1.8 million. VIVK announced today that it has received an Letter of Intent for $3 Million in investment capital from a private investment group. The financing is to be used for strategic acquisitions and working capital for the combined businesses.

Wellstar International Inc. (OTCBB: WLSI) dealt in 98.1 million shares Thursday, making it among the leaders for volume in micro-caps. Normal daily volume is 61.5 million. Share prices were flat, though, at one-100th of a cent.

Revolutionary Concepts Inc (OTCBB: REVO) moved down 73.3 percent Thursday to 16 cents, on volume of 37,910 shares. Normal daily average is 6,724 shares. REVO is a development stage company focused on the design and development of the Eye Talk Communicator.

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