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ARSC jumps, ELCR fires on all cylinders, GNTA falls

Monday, March 21st, 2011

American Security Resources Corp. (OTCBB: ARSC) flew out of the blocks Monday, doubling in price to two-100ths of a cent, on volume of 125 million shares, outdistancing its daily average of 72 million.

Electric Car Company Inc. (OTCBB: ELCR) revved up a lot of investors Monday, trading in 22 million, still quite a ways from its daily volume of 126.4 million. The stock’s price was flat, at however, at one-100th of a cent. The Missouri-based ELCR is a vehicle conversion company that specializes in electric conversions and manufacturing for the livery, fleet and private specialty markets.

Genta Inc. (OTCBB: GNTA) slumped in price 86.8% to 4.3 cents. Volume was 3.5 million shares, nearly quadruple its daily average. The New Jersey-based GNTA is a biopharmaceutical company with a diversified product portfolio that is focused on delivering innovative products for the treatment of patients with cancer.

CRBN in orbit, HLWX catches winning wind, FEEL shoots bogey

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Counsel RB Capital Inc. (OTCBB: CRBN) flew 284.6% Thursday to transport its price to 50 cents. Volume was just below 28,000 shares, or more than nine times what it usually trades. The former C2 Global Technologies is a leader in capital asset solutions – finding, acquiring and monetizing distressed and surplus capital assets.

Helix Wind Corp. (OTCBB: HLXW) traded in 161.9 million shares Thursday, compared to a daily average of 49.5 million. Share prices climbed 33.3% to eight-100ths of a cent. Poway, Calif.-based HLWX is a renewable energy company.

Feel Golf Co. Inc. (Pink Sheets: FEEL) got trounced 11.5% Thursday to 23-100ths of a cent, on volume of 20.4 million, or better than four times its volume average. Monterrey, Calif-based FEEL is well-known for its award-winning wedges, premium golf clubs and innovative, reverse taper golf grips.

PFMS flies, STHG steady, ABPA drops

Monday, February 7th, 2011

PaperFree Medical Solutions Inc. (Pink Sheets: PFMS) ripped loose from the pack Monday, gaining 26.3 percent to 24-100ths of a cent, in trading of 131.5 million shares, more than 11 times its average.

Stratton Hldg Inc. (Pink Sheets: STHG) has had quite the day for business among micro-caps, trading in 113.8 million shares, compared to a daily average of 6.4 million. Share prices vaulted 16.7 percent to 11-100ths of a cent.

Allegiance Bank of North America (OTCBB: ABPA) hurtled earthward in price by 56 percent to 11-100ths of a cent Monday, on volume of 650,000 shares, compared to a daily average of 81,661. ABPA is a federally-chartered mid-tier holding company.

NCAP headed north, TTIN solid, HPMFF goes home

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Northsight Capital Inc. (OTCBB: NCAP) went skyward Monday 121.9 percent in price to 60 cents. Volume for the stock was 50,600 shares, compared to a daily average of 7,863. Safe Communications, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SGTB) announced today that the company has signed a nonbinding agreement in principle with Northsight, under which NCAP would acquire the company’s newly formed corporate security division, NCAP Security Systems, Inc.

Transfer Technology International Corp (OTCBB: TTIN) dealt in 51.3 million shares Monday, compared to a daily average of 379,800. Prices gained 28 percent of traction to 96-100ths of a cent, only days after one of its subsidiaries announced its sale to a major drug store chain.

Homeland Precious Metals Corp. (OTCBB: HPMFF) fell with a thud Monday, draining off 90 percent in price to two cents. Volume for the stock was 26,618 shares, compared to a daily average of 2,239. The British Columbia-based HPMFF is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of natural resource properties.

EVPH answers call, HLWX active, CWBYF wobbles

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Everybody’s Phone Company (Pink Sheets: EVPH) saw its shares pop 87.5 percent Thursday to 2.3 cents. Volume for the stock was 11.8 million shares, compared to a daily average of only 106,811. Thursday, EVPH announced a marketing plan for phone service in Texas from which it projects $10 million in profits.

Helix Wind Corp. (OTCBB: HLXW) proved among the popular micro-cap stocks Thursday, trading in more than 50.4 million shares, narrowly outdistancing an all-day average of 49.4 million. Prices skidded 12.5 percent to seven-100ths of a cent. The Poway, California HLWX is a renewable energy company.

Carthew Bay Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: CWBYF) moved backward 49.2 percent in price Thursday to three-10ths of a cent. Volume was 276,600 shares, compared to the 48,480 shares it usually trades in a day. Toronto-based CWBYF is a leader in subsurface printing and fabric dyeing technologies, providing products and services to the promotion, apparel, commercial furnishings and home decor markets.