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CRFN warms to buyout, MSFT high volume, VSCP goes backwards

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Crescent Financial Corporation (Nasdaq: CRFN) rocketed 93.6% in price to $4.20, on share volume of 391,000, dwarfing an all-day average of 11,259, after announcing that Piedmont Community Bank Holdings was about to buy CRFN.

Microsoft Inc. (Nasdaq: MSFT) traded Thursday in 31.3 million shares, closing in on a daily average of 57.5 million. MSFT shares were flat at $26.61, after announcing a battle with Google to acquire more public school contracts in the U.S.

VirtualScopics Inc. (Nasdaq: VSCP) subtracted 17.3% to $2.15 Thursday, on share volume of 693,000, triple its daily average, after reporting full-year revenues were up 29% from last year.